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Before I realised that vegan was the only way I could eat, and live on this planet peaceably  at the same time, I was a serious tea drinker.  And by that I mean black tea and cow’s milk.  The only occasions I didn’t drink tea prior to being vegan, were the numerous periods I spent in France, where they have no idea about tea whatsoever. Lipton’s….. lol.

Back then, even my nearest and dearest were surprised by the number of mugs of tea I could drink in a day….. which is why I’m so very pleased to have found Pukka Herb Teas.

pukka teas

I’m not being paid for writing this, if you’re wondering….but I can see no reason not to mention, on a ‘how to be vegan and never give up’ sort of blog, what I consider to be a really pukka herb tea company.  It’s based in the UK.  

I don’t even think about black tea now. These teas just taste good.  Real.  Like what it says on the packet.  And a fabulous range.  I have my favourites, but I haven’t yet tried one I don’t like….

pukka teas

The packets are gorgeous, hard to throw away, but luckily my bookish and borderline-OCD partner cuts them up and turns them into bookmarks.  So I guess it’s win win.

bookmarks anyone?






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