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Sautéed Marinaded Tofu with Arame + Nori Seaweed in Miso Sauce on Steamed Rice. Japanese flavours. Vegan.

A simple and thoroughly revitalising dish.  Japanese flavours.

Think trace elements, enzymes and minerals….think goodness…

You can feel it doing you good the minute you eat it…

sautéed tofu in miso sauce with toasted nori

Quick and easy to put together… (marinade tofu in advance – all day is fine)

Here’s how….


Quick supper for 2


  • 200gms. firm tofu ( I used aged smoked tofu)
  • juice 1 small lemon
  • 3 tbs. water
  • 1tbs. tamari/soy
  • 3cm. chunk fresh ginger
  • 12gms. dried arame
  • 70ml. water
  • 40gms. miso (a brown hearty variety such as genmai miso)
  • 150ml. water
  • 120gms. peas
  • 10gms. sesame seeds
  • 2tbs. sesame oil ( or another oil)
  • 1 sheet Nori (180ml.x 180ml.)


  • Slice and dice tofu
  • Mix lemon juice, tamari/soy, water and finely grated ginger in a dish.
  • Transfer diced tofu to dish and set aside to marinade.

Once the tofu has marinaded for an hour or two: or longer….

  • In a bowl, soak 12gms. arame in 70ml. water for 15 mins.
  • In a bowl, mix 40gms. miso and 150ml. water to a smooth paste
  • In a wide pan, add 2 tbs. oil and sauté tofu on a low-med. heat for approx. 8 mins. turning occasionally.
  • Reserve marinade.
  • On a low heat, add arame and soaking water.  Stir in. 1 min.
  • Add peas.  Stir in. 1 min.
  • Add sesame seeds. Stir in. 30 secs.
  • Add marinade.  Stir in. 1 min.
  • Add miso sauce.  Stir in.  3 mins.
  • Allow everything to warm through.
  • Don’t boil, as this will destroy the miso enzymes.
  • Remove from heat. Allow to rest for a few minutes and toast nori:
  • Cut sheet of Nori in half and toast under a medium grill until green and crinkly.  1-2 mins. each side.  Avoid burning.

Serve with steamed rice+ extra tamari if desired….

Crush the toasted nori over the tofu and rice.








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