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Roast Vegetable Pizza

Vegan Pizza.

Here’s a nice idea, which is readily adaptable…for a tasty pizza where cheese is completely superfluous… all day long ! 🙂

For the base layer I sautéed finely grated courgettes with crushed garlic salt and pepper… and that worked out really well …will do again).

Ready-made vegan pizza bases are commonly available in the shops, but I can’t say that I’ve found one as good as home-made …and it really isn’t that much faff… you can even make a batch, and freeze the dough for future use….

Click on the image link for a recipe that includes a spelt flour pizza dough, but any flour of your choice will work…



roasted vegetable pizza

Roasted Vegetable Pizza

for 3-4 pizzas


  • 300gms. pizza dough …or ready-made pizza bases…
  • 3-4 courgettes (approx. 750gms.)
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 150gms. mushrooms
  • 1 large sweet bell pepper
  • 3 large beef tomatoes (aprox. 200 gms.)
  • a handful or 2 of pitted olives
  • 10-15gms. fresh herbs e.g. basil, chives, oregano….
  • 1-3 tbs. olive oil
  • Salt and Coarse ground Black Pepper
  • Optional: 3 tbs. nutritional yeast


  • Wash, and finely grate about 500gms. courgette.
  • Thinly slice remaining 250gms. courgette.
  • Peel and crush garlic cloves.
  • Wash pepper, remove seeds and pith and slice into ribbons.
  • Slice mushrooms.
  • Wash and slice tomatoes.
  • Finely chop fresh herbs.


To roast vegetables:

  • Toss sliced mushrooms, sliced pepper and sliced courgette in 2 tbs. oilve oil with salt and pepper.
  • Transfer to a roasting tin and roast in a very hot oven for 45 mins. or so.

Alternatively, chargrill sliced vegetables under a hot grill in batches.

  • In a wide pan on a medium heat, add 1 tbs.olive oil.
  • When the oil is hot, add grated courgettes and crushed garlic, with a good pinch of salt and pepper.  Combine well.  Sauté for about 3 mins.  Remove from heat.
  • Stretch out pizza dough if using home-made and spread the pizza dough  – (or place the ready-made bases) – on lightly oiled pizza /baking trays.
  • Spread sautéed garlicky courgette on the pizza bases.
  • Pile roasted/chargrilled vegetables on top.
  • Sprinkle fresh herbs over vegetables.
  • (If using chargrilled vegetables, drizzle a little oil over the vegetables).
  • Scatter with black olives.

Place in a very hot oven for 12-15 mins.

Ta- dah!

Good with rocket salad and balsamic dressing!

Nutritional Yeast?







La Pace





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