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Indonesian Tofu Potato and Green Bean Curry.

Here is a great recipe for a really quick supper for 2.

Easily adaptable to other vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato and peas (cooking times may vary)…and also tempeh instead of tofu….

A key ingredient is Galangal…and according to Wikipedia:

‘Galangal /ɡəˈlæŋɡəl/is a rhizome of plants in the ginger family Zingiberaceae, with culinary and medicinal uses originating in Indonesia. The rhizomes are used in various Asian cuisines (for example in Thai and Lao tom yum and tom kha gai soups, Vietnamese Huế cuisine (tré) and throughout Indonesian cuisine, for example, in soto). Galangal is related to and resembles ginger. While ginger tastes a little like galangal, most cooks who use both rhizomes would never substitute one for the other and expect the same flavor.

In their raw form, galangals do not taste the same as common ginger. They are available as a whole rhizome, cut or powdered. The whole fresh rhizome is very hard, and slicing it requires a sharp knife. A mixture of galangal and lime juice is used as a tonic in parts of Southeast Asia. In the Indonesian language, the greater galangal and lesser galangal are both called lengkuas or laos, while Kaempferia galanga is known as kencur. It is also known as galanggal, and somewhat confusingly galingale, which is also the name for several plants of the unrelated Cyperus genus of sedges (also with aromatic rhizomes). In Thai language, greater galangal is called “ข่า” (kha) or “ข่าใหญ่” (kha yai), while lesser galangal is called “ข่าตาแดง” (kha ta daeng). In Vietnamese, greater galangal is called riềng nếp and lesser galangal is called riềng thuốc.’

I bought a jar of Galangal paste from the Thai section at the supermarket, but it can be tracked down fresh in some Asian stores ….


indonesian tofu curry


Ample for 2 – 3


Curry paste:

curry paste ingredients
  • 5 tsps. galangal paste
  • 1 small red onion
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 2 green finger chillies
  • 4 cm. fresh ginger
  • 2 tsps. coriander seeds
  • 1.5 tsps. turmeric
  • 1.5-2 tsps. salt
  • 1 tsp. black pepper corns
  • 75-100ml. water


  • 200 gms. extra firm tofu
  • 500gms. floury potatoes
  • 120 gms. fine green beans
  • 400ml. coconut milk
  • 100ml. ‘hot’ oil – such as sesame or grapeseed – good for frying…


  • Place all the curry paste ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  Add enough water to make the blender work… 75-100ml.
  • Cut the tofu into slices 5ml. thick.  Halve the slices: 3cm x 2cm. approx.
  • Peel, wash and cube potatoes: approx. 2 cm. square (no larger).
  • Wash and trim green beans. Cut into lengths about 3 cm. long.
  • In a wok on a stand, on a medium-high heat, add 100ml. of hot oil.
  • When hot, add tofu, and sauté for 10 mins. or so until golden.  Turn occasionally to achieve colour on all sides.
  • Remove tofu, and place on kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
  • Remove about half the oil from the wok.
  • On a medium high heat, add the curry paste to the remaining oil, and sauté for 2 mins. or so until fragrant.
  • Add potatoes and cook for 5 mins. Stir regularly to coat potatoes in paste.
  • Add green beans and cook for 2 mins.
  • Reduce heat if necessary: the sauce should bubble gently.
  • Add tofu and cook for 2 mins.
  • Add 400ml. coconut milk and stir to combine.

Cover and simmer for 20-30 mins. until the potatoes are tender.

Serve with rice.

Garnish with fresh chopped coriander.

And that’s that!

So easy!

And delicious…. 🙂














2 thoughts on “Indonesian Tofu Potato and Green Bean Curry.”

  1. This looks so fantastic! I didn’t realize that you can buy straight galangal paste. I often buy chili pastes that already have galangal mixed into them, but I’ll bet this gives the curry a totally different flavour and aroma. I hope I’ll get the chance to try this out sometime!

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