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Fresh Tomato Juice

Spent a little time in Spain just recently and the fresh produce is so great! Beautiful tasty tomatoes … and the fresh orange juice! Just WoW!

I came back with a taste for tomato juice, so I thought I’d just whizz some up to see how good it can get!

Fresh Tomato Juice


Well … of course, it does depend on the quality of the tomatoes, and if you want to make your own tomato juice, get hold of the best tomatoes you can!

I used about 600gms. of big ‘beef’ tomatoes, and ended up with roughly 500ml. of juice.

Of course … tomatoes and salt are just a match made in heaven!  So I use Himalayan salt which is supposed to be one of the best salt types.

Oh … and btw. … google lycopene ….  and its potential health benefits … tomatoes have lots of it!


  1. Peel the tomatoes. (This is optional, it’s just my personal preference).

Here’s how to peel the tomatoes:

Cut a little cross in the top and bottom of each tomato maybe 2ml deep. Place the tomatoes in a large heat-proof bowl, and pour boiling water on them so they are covered.  Leave for ten minutes or so.

Carefully (the water will still be very hot!)  ~ slide the skin off the tomatoes and discard.

2. With a thin sharp knife, gouge out the little green nodule where the tomato was attached to the stalk, and then carefully slide the knife down and round to remove most of the central whitish pithy bit of the tomato…  and discard.  Repeat with each tomato.

3.Place the tomatoes in the blender.  Add a good pinch of himalayan salt to taste.  Blend until smooth.

4.Pour into a container/jug and place in the fridge to chill.

5.  The classic accompaniment for tomato juice is Worcestershire Sauce (here in the UK anyway), which is … ridiculously (IMHO) … not vegan!  But the other day I found this delicious Green Tabasco Sauce which is great for all sorts of thing like salad dressings etc. and it works here really nicely with a good dash of proper vegan soy sauce. Add according to taste.

Stirred not Shaken…. 🙂



Fresh Tomato Juice

P.S. There are all sorts of other ingredients you may wish to add … herbs … such as Basil.. … Parsley … Coriander ….

…or Garlic …  Black Pepper … Smoky Paprika …

… and as a last resort there’s always Vodka ! 😉









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Cucumber Mint Grape Banana + Coconut Milk Smoothie



cucumber mint grape banana smoothie

Cucumbers are wonderful.  They are a perfect smoothie addition.  With a mild but distinctive flavour and excellent hydrating properties, as well as containing a variety of vitamins, including several B vits. I think they provide a great base ingredient for a ‘first thing in the morning’ smoothie.

Remember to buy organic, as otherwise the skins may  be waxed…

…and moreover, mint will calm a nervous stomach…amongst other things…

….so what better match for an early morning ‘conquer stress and face the day calmly’ sort of smoothie…. 🌸



Ingredients:  Continue reading “Cucumber Mint Grape Banana + Coconut Milk Smoothie”