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Mushroom and Spinach Cannelloni in a Creamy Asparagus Sauce.

This is a delicious combination.

I have been very lucky this week.  I have an allotment big enough to grow lots of vegetables. However, I don’t have an asparagus bed… but one of my neighbouring allotmenters has gone on holiday, and asked me to pick (and use) all the asparagus that grows in his asparagus bed for a whole week …. 🙂 and it grows very fast!

I am, apparently, doing him a favour, because you need to keep picking it for more asparagus to grow.  Unexpectedly, I therefore have a barrow-load of asparagus on my hands, which most of us can only ever dream of!  Makes me think I must must MUST cultivate an asparagus bed…

So.  I guess its asparagus week. 🙂

and there’s more to come !

This recipe does use a lot of asparagus, which, if you don’t have and don’t want to buy, can be largely replaced with broccoli or cauliflower.  It’s incredibly delicious either which way….even though I say so myself !  Savoury, rich and creamy.  There’s a bit of faff involved, but here’s how to minimise it:

When people talk about filling cannelloni tubes, they usually mention spoons, spatulas and  piping bags, suggestions which, as far as I’m concerned increase the faff ten-fold, and invoke a stream of vows never to do cannelloni again. Ever.  Ridiculous idea. Filling a cannelloni tube with a spoon?  Impossible!  What were the Italians thinking of?????

So, my suggestion is to use your hands.  When the filling mix is cool enough to handle, wash your hands (goes without saying 🙂 ) and then plunge a cannelloni tube into the filling mix and just push the filling into the tube with your fingers.  Repeat until all tubes are filled.  Works a treat! ;O)

Hope you enjoy.



for 4 -6

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