Mystery Blogger Award + Blogger Recognition Award.

I’m honoured to say that in the last few days I’ve received two blogger award nominations.

Thanks to Dingto – for allowing the fantastic image of planet earth to be used via Creative Commons, and which I have shared as my featured image.


So here’s the game.  At the end I’m going to nominate 10 blogs that I enjoy following for one reason or another, and if any of you want to play (there’s no obligation), please choose the award you would like and run with it from there.  The Mystery Blog has a particular remit which I’m not quite sure that my blog lives up to 🙂 but then I thought about the planet ….  because I’m sure that following a vegan lifestyle in a peaceful way transforms mysteriously into leading a more compassionate life, that will in turn directly contribute to the well being of the planet.  Big talk I know in these days of chaos…. but the alternative is too often to do nothing.




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