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Columbian Bean and Plantain Stew + Fried Plantain. Vegan.

There are probably very few countries on the planet that don’t have a traditional bean stew recipe.  And then, within countries, there are many regional variations.  Many of them already vegan, or extremely simple to ‘veganise’.

Beans are easy to grow, and easy to store.  Whether you use dried or tinned, they will always soak up whatever spices, herbs and other flavourings you offer them.

Here is my adaptation of a Columbian Bean and Plantain Stew + Fried Plantains and steamed rice.  To my mind, cooking is always about flavour combinations, and this stew uses a combination of herbs and spices known as ‘Sazon’.

As to the method, the beans and vegetables are cooked gently and slowly in the seasonings, and then a sizzling Hogado is added toward the end of cooking.  The Hogado is similar to a Tarka in Asian cooking.

Columbian Bean Stew + Fried Plantain. Vegan


The seasoning is easy enough to make, there is only one ingredient I didn’t have, which is Annatto.

The scent of Annatto is described as “slightly peppery with a hint of nutmeg” and the flavor as “slightly nutty, sweet and peppery”.  I must track some down.

Recipe ‘Sazon’ Seasoning (with or without Annatto):*   Continue reading “Columbian Bean and Plantain Stew + Fried Plantain. Vegan.”