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Monggo + Oat-Milk Bread Rolls.

Monggo is a traditional Filipino Mung Bean Stew. It has very few ingredients, which is just one of the things I love about it.

monggo – garnished with coconut cream and fresh coriander

Less is more… so often…  as this dish proves… it’s mellow, comforting and quite delicious.  I decided to accompany it with some fresh, white, oat-milk bread rolls, which has turned out to be a lovely combination.

I love beans, and I’m discovering so many beautiful recipes from around the world….

When it comes to beans, they need a long soak and a slow cook.  Every time.  In the scheme of things, mung beans are small, and therefore very amenable… they only need a 12 hour soak, and will easily cook through in an hour and a half.

mung beans

The bread rolls require just the minimum of effort, and, in total about 90 minutes somewhere warm to prove….

Ideally, Monggo needs Malunggay leaves – also known as leaves of the Moringa Tree, but here in the UK I’ve been unable to find them, and a common alternative is baby leaf spinach.

Traditionally the recipe may or may not contain meat, but I’m interested in a plant-based version of course.  I’ve used carrots and celery to add an extra depth to the stock.

I hope you enjoy….

monggo and bread rolls



Serves 4

Cook’s note: if you begin both the Monggo … (having soaked the beans for 12 hours) ..and the bread rolls at roughly the same time… they will be ready at the same time!  Takes about 2 hours or so, but far less ‘active’ time …(tip: get the bread going first)…

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All About Beans, Vegan, Vegan Main Dishes, Vegan on a Shoestring

Kenyan Beans and Soft Maize Meal (Polenta)

This is the daily food of Marathon Runners …no… Marathon Winners!

I listened to a radio programme the other day about a UK athlete who went to train with the Kenyans.  He couldn’t believe the diet they trained on: Maize (polenta) and Beans.  And Tea.

He said he used to pop into town and buy jars of peanut butter to supplement his own diet, because he couldn’t cope!

I found this story very inspiring, so I concocted a recipe (based on traditional Kenyan recipes), of Spicy Red Beans and Soft Polenta.

spicy red beans with soft maize meal

The simple fact is, that what we, in the West, have come to call “Vegan Food’, is, most of the globe over, just food.  Simple ordinary sustaining, nutritious food.

I love beans, there are so many varieties and they are so versatile.  Slowly, as this blog progresses, I am discovering that there are bean dishes from nearly every country across the planet. And I intend to find them all!

Spicy Red Beans and Soft Maize Meal



Spicy Red Beans and Soft Maize Meal.

Ample for 2

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