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Crofter’s Broth with Potato Scones. Traditional Scottish Fare….Veganised.

A salute to Scotland at Hogmanay.  The Scots are renowned for their new year celebrations, so here is my tribute offering: an easy nutritious and restorative recipe from that beautiful country.  Veganised.

Crofter’s broth: potatoes, onions, swede, vegetable stock and nettles…served with potato scones

+ Food For Free: freshly picked tender nettles, packed with iron, adding extra goodness to a soup of potatoes, swede (also known as turnip) and onions.

Freshly picked young tender nettles – food for free!

According to Wikepedia:

“Crofting is a form of land tenure, and small-scale food production particular to the Scottish Highlands, the islands of Scotland, and formerly on the Isle of Man.”



“The roots of Hogmanay perhaps reach back to the celebration of the winter solstice among the Norse, as well as incorporating customs from the Gaelic celebration of Samhain. The Vikings celebrated Yule, which later contributed to the Twelve Days of Christmas, or the “Daft Days” as they were sometimes called in Scotland. Christmas was not celebrated as a festival and Hogmanay was the more traditional celebration in Scotland. This may have been a result of the Protestant Reformation after which Christmas was seen as “too Papist”.”

I love that ….they are daft days indeed !



Serves 6

Ingredients:   Continue reading “Crofter’s Broth with Potato Scones. Traditional Scottish Fare….Veganised.”

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Like everything, hazelnut butter is for sharing….

At the beginning of the autumn, on a beautiful sunshiny day, we went for a long walk in the woods.  Beautiful ancient woods at the top of a valley.  The autumn colours were just beginning to turn.  It was just lovely.

walk in the woods

Where we stopped for our picnic there was a hazelnut grove.   We collected as many nuts as we could.

From the hedgerows we also collected blackberries and rosehips, but that’s for another blog.

The hazelnuts were a pale shade of beige, so we left them in a bowl for a few weeks to dry out.

Then the chief nutcracker set about cracking them. It took him a while.

I then got to do the fun bit: make the hazelnut butter.   Continue reading “Like everything, hazelnut butter is for sharing….”