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Sfouf. A Traditional Lebanese Semolina and Almond Cake. (+ a cup of green tea)

When I’m not keeping up with the humdrum  stuff of daily life, or cooking up some new recipe for this blog, I try and write….stories…..  If I get the time, it’s usually mid-afternoon, and with a slice of Sfouf and a cup of  Green Tea, my creative brain has a chance to flourish…ha …sometimes …

Sfouf is a lovely, yellow, spiced semolina and almond cake. The primary spice is Aniseed. Anise is an ancient spice, long cultivated in the Mediterranean Region.  It has a sweet  aromatic character, a little like liquorice.  Medicinally, Anise is thought to have a carminative effect, and is often taken as tea, as well as being used to flavour confectionery and cakes.

Sfouf also includes turmeric, ground almonds and sesame.

It’s traditionally made without eggs, the only vegan adaptation here is the use of non-dairy milk.

A word of warning, I’m not fond of overly sweet flavours, so in my Sfouf recipe version, I have reduced the ‘standard’ amount of sugar by a third, and added extra aniseed…..

You may well want to add a little more sugar …     it’s up to you, maybe up to about 50gms. more?

Sfouf means ‘rows’, so in the spirit of its name, I have made Sfouf in a square tin.

Finally, use a tin about 28-30cm square, as if the tin is too small, the cake will struggle rise properly, and will not easily set in the middle…



Lebanese Almond, Semolina and Anise Cake.


12-16 pieces thereabouts…

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