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Zen and the Lost Art of making Marmalade.

It’s January, and Seville oranges are making their brief appearance in the shops and on the market stalls.

Marmalade time!

marmalade on toast..

Oranges are not the only fruit when it comes to making marmalade , but they are the best,  and Spanish Seville Oranges are the Rolls Royce of marmalade oranges….

a bowl of seville oranges

Marmalade has a long and interesting history, the first recipe that has a similarity to marmalade as we know it today goes back to the sixteenth century.  Before that, the word marmalade, was more often associated with quince, as marmelo is the portuguese word for quince, and marmelada was  a form of quince paste or quince cheese.


Making marmalade does need a meditative state of mind. It takes time.  It takes endless repetition.  It won’t be rushed. But it is definitely and undeniably, worth it.

The first thing to do is buy the seville oranges.  Now.  Don’t delay.  The season is short.  Look for organic ones, because non-organic orange peel can be dowsed liberally in pesticides which you don’t really want in your marmalade….


Making Seville Orange Marmalade

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