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Fruit Jellies – Food for Free – an old-fashioned way…with lots of promise

Just like my nanna used to make.

redcurrant, elderberry and rosehip+apple jelly

Because I run an allotment, and because I enjoy making things, and because I think homemade produce made with a little care and attention –  and, of course, a great deal of compassion – invariably tastes better than any shop-bought counterpart, I always have jars of homemade pickles, jams and chutneys in the cupboard.

Somehow, the jewels in the crown of these, are the jellies.

This year I went mad on jellies.  I had fruit from the allotment, and also we collected fruits for free during country walks  this autumn.


Elderberries, rosehips, apples, gooseberries and redcurrants.

I also made quince jelly, and quince butter, but I shall devote another blogpost to that wonderful fruit (and also to the delights of gooseberry jelly) , as I also made a quince cheese, also known as Dulce de Membrillo in Spain, which is sitting quietly wrapped up in the refrigerator, and which I won’t be unwrapping ’til Christmas.

There are aspects of making jellies that are a faff, and aspects that can be actually easier than jams.

Jellies are great because they bridge a gap between sweet and savoury.  They can go either way.

redcurrant jelly with vegan cheese, apple, olives and crackers

A fab. combination is fruit jelly and nut butter on toast …..swoon…… and jellies will also bring a zing to savoury dishes such as nut roast, vegan savoury pies or a platter of vegan cheese and crackers.

vegan cheese platter with redcurrant jelly

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