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Kulebjaka. Russian Cabbage Pie .

I know that in colder climes, the only vegetable that stands proud and unruffled in the midst of snow and frost, is the winter cabbage. Oh…and leeks …but that’s for another time… I know this because I have an allotment.

In the frosts and snow, there are the winter cabbages, looking a lot like triffids, impervious to the cold temperatures.

I can only imagine that in the snowier regions of Russia, cabbage fields abound.  Which is probably why Russian cookbooks provide so many fabulous and interesting cabbage dishes.

Despite the globalisation of food, and our desire to have varied diet, I have a soft spot for eating vegetables that are seasonal.  Flavoured with seasonal herbs. It feels right somehow.

This dish is there to warm you on the coldest and the snowiest of days.  Warming and comforting and inherently good.   I am in love with cabbage pie.

kulebjaka and garlic potatoes with sour cream

Cabbage, salt and lots of pepper, are, in my humble opinion, a match made in heaven.

Sautéed with onion, wrapped in a soft light bread dough, and, on this occasion, served with Russian-style, boiled, sautéed potatoes tossed in plenty of garlic and vegan-butteriness. And a dollop of vegan sour cream.

 A winter’s feast.



Russian Cabbage Pie, with Sautéed Garlic Potatoes and Vegan Sour Cream

Serves 6

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