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Strawberry Tart with a Strawberry Crème Pâtissière.

‘Tis strawberry time.  I have an ever-expanding strawberry patch on my allotment, (they put out new runners every autumn), and they’ve begun to appear in all their glorious juiciness.

To be honest, there is no better way to eat a strawberry than to pick it in the late afternoon when it has been bathed in gentle sunshine, and just pop it in your mouth.   Stand there, close your eyes, feel the light breeze and the warmth of the sun… and savour the strawberryness… of everything….

  Eating a strawberry like this tends to lead to the eating of more strawberries in a similar fashion.  It’s a very engaging activity  🙂

Nevertheless, some tend to make it back to the kitchen and sooner or later there will be jam, ice-cream, and who knows what else to come, but we had a picnic this weekend……. …so I made a strawberry tart.

Here’s how.


Strawberry Tart with a Vegan Crème Pâtissière

for 6-8

or possibly just for 1

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