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Oriental-Style Tempeh Stir-Fry Wrap. Vegan.

Oriental-style tempeh stir-fry. Vegan. Serve in a wrap, with salad leaves, or with noodles or rice…

I do like tempeh.  In many ways I prefer it to tofu, because it has such a great texture. It’s hard to find, in the UK anyway, so much so that my non-multi-tasking-partner is considering making it.  He’s already in charge of kefir (but that’s another story)………. so what could possibly go wrong?

So, if you can find some, stock up, like I did, as it freezes very well.

Here is one of my previous posts  about tempeh, explaining how to use it successfully:                                             (click on image for link)

Tempeh needs to be relaxed, in order to soak up a marinade successfully.  This entails placing the piece of tempeh in hot water for 15 mins.  Then slicing it into pieces and marinading it as long as possible.


vegan oriental-style tempeh stir-fry



Makes 6 wraps   Continue reading “Oriental-Style Tempeh Stir-Fry Wrap. Vegan.”