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Simple Vegan Snacks on Toast (where to begin) part 1

Starting at the very beginning.  When I first became vegan, despite my resolve,  I can’t deny that occasionally, a sense of rising panic used to creep up on me without the usual standby snack options  –  (cheese sandwich, fried egg on toast, cheese on toast, omelette…the list goes on…and on).

The feeling was compounded by people asking me: ‘What do you eat?’  or, ‘What can you eat?’

But after just a few weeks, and a rethink of standard ingredients to have in my store cupboard I panic no more.

I just want to say to anyone who is thinking about becoming vegan: don’t panic.  Becoming vegan is a fabulous thing to do, for everyone and everything.  Vegan is the way of compassion.  It’s also a wonderful exploration of tastes, flavours, recipes and cooking.

But for now, back to basics.

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