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A traditional Greek dish.  This is another one of those recipes that absolutely transcends the sum of its parts. I don’t know why. It just does.  It contains the simplest of ingredients and you can more or less throw it together and stick it in the oven.  And it’s just incredibly moreish and delicious.



My courgette plants (aka zucchini) have taken off.  And as anyone who’s ever grown courgettes will know, once they start, they just don’t stop.  Blink and another one appears.  Hence the emergence of recipes such as courgette cake ….and courgette jam… :/  But that’s way down the line.  The end of the line is when courgette growers eventually resort to leaving piles of courgettes on next-door-neighbours doorsteps in the dead of the night.  I’ve no doubt it shall come to that 🙂

But these are my first, young, fresh and tender courgettes…and this is an utterly sane and simple recipe.  A few everyday ingredients, and the patience to slice everything reasonably finely is all that’s required.  Plus 90 mins. or so baking time.



Serves 4

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Mixed Lentil Dal with a Sizzling Sweet Pepper and Onion Tarka.

The fact is, that when I go into the kitchen to cook, I’m only ever a step away from making a curry. I always seem to have the right sort of ingredients, and the lines of jars of indian spices draw me like a magnet……because I just love a curry. There’s a magic in those spices that is endlessly enticing.

So. In a word (or three), here’s another curry 🙂

A mixed lentil dal with a sweet pepper and onion sizzling tarka.  Irresistible…….



for 4

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Chickpea and Mushroom Curry with a Roasted Pepper and Tomato Sauce.

It’s always interesting to see how many ways there are to use the same ingredients to create different dishes.

The other day I made a roasted pepper chickpea hummus…..

(click image for hummus recipe link)

……and here’s another great way to use chickpeas and peppers: in a quick wok curry…..


The heat in this curry comes from the roasted pepper…but feel free to add a teaspoon or two of chilli powder if you like a hotter spicy curry….

…hope you like this quick and easy supper…


chickpea and mushroom curry


Serves 4

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Patatas Bravas + Herbed Mushroom Bean Burgers + Vegan Aioli

Spanish flavours…  roasted potatoes in a rich garlicky tomato sauce served with vegan aioli.

Mushroom bean burgers infused with intensely fragrant dried herbs…oregano…rosemary…sage and thyme…and with a chilli hit….

A great combination packed with powerful flavours.

Perfectamente Deliciosa!


patatas bravas + herbed mushroom bean burgers



makes 6  – 70gm. burgers

more than ample for 2

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Cuban Black Bean Stew

Anyone who has been following this blog, however idly, has probably picked up the fact that I do love beans.

So much so that I am travelling the globe…via the internet mainly…sadly :/ … in search of bean recipes.

In fact, I’ve opened a new blog category… in honour of beans … 🙂

This stew is an absolute classic, with, inevitably many variations.  I’ve pulled this recipe together from several of the variations I’ve found, and as far as I can gather, a vegan version is traditional….even though many recipes include meat.

The flavours are simple and well-balanced: I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again … less is so often more.

One of the many marvellous things about this dish is its beautiful inky colour…. it’s hopelessly moreish and meltingly mellow….

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do….


Cuban Black Bean Stew – Food For Peace


for 4

the beans need soaking for at least 24-36 hours prior to cooking – the longer the better

and the stew needs about 4 hours to cook…but it’s worth it !

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Spiced Leek stuffed Twice-Baked Potatoes

Leek and Potato is a classic combination, and this is a recipe that gives them a new twist.

All my recipes are tried and tested, but equally, what I hope is that they offer ideas. This is just one way to make a tasty economical meal using the idea of stuffing baked potatoes…. I’ve used a particular selection of vegetables and flavourings, but there are many more out there…just waiting to be tried.

So here is a  great, cosy, mid-week supper, using whatever you might have around (in this case I’ve got plenty of homegrown leeks, the last of my homegrown garlic 😦 … and a definite liking for indian spices…..)


stuffed twice-baked potatoes


for 4-6

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Tuscan Bean and Pasta Soup + Olive and Herb Focaccia.

In the last few days I’ve been getting a few seedlings going.  Tomatoes, chillies and sweet peppers.  A gardener always lives in hope.  Spring here in the UK is being erratic, and we are waiting for Storm Katie as I write.

Making this soup has made me remember how delicious home-grown tomatoes are.  I can’t wait.

The bread is easy, and adaptable, instead of olives you can add sun-dried tomatoes, sliced artichoke hearts or diced spring onions….

olive focaccia and tuscan bean soup


Serves 4   

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Moroccan Chickpea Burgers

Here’s a burger packed with the flavours of Morocco: coriander, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, paprika, oregano, tahini, lemon juice and raisins, served on this occasion with date and parsley cous-cous, blood orange salad, harissa yogurt dip and toasted pumpkin seeds.

The never-ending search for the ultimate burger!  Everyone loves a burger….they’re so versatile, so adaptable…they will go with just about anything, they store well, freeze easily, can be re-heated/refried, and they will taste good hot, warm or cold…and whether it’s a sit down meal, lunch to go or a picnic…they just go on working …any way you like….

These would be delicious in a bun with slices of cucumber and hot chilli pickle.

Oh yes.


moroccan chickpea burgers


makes 8

can be prepared several hours in advance and kept chilled in the fridge until ready to fry…or bake

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Kadala Curry. A dish from Southern India.

My heart is truly with Asian Cooking, particularly Indian cookery, as, over the years,  before I became vegan, it is how I learnt that meat and dairy are not necessary ingredients.


Whenever I visit my local Asian shop, I always come out with something I haven’t tried before. It’s like an Aladdin’s cave for me.

This time, it was Kala Channa.  Black chickpeas.   They are small, and dark brown in colour.  They are prized because of their high protein and fibre content.

When I finally got around to searching for what I might do with them, this dish came up again and again.

It’s a speciality of Kerala, Southern India.

Often eaten for breakfast.

It’s delicious.  The sauce is creamy, spicy, hot and mellow.

Kadala Curry with Steamed Basmati and Flatbreads

I hope you enjoy.


I soaked the chickpeas for 3 days (changing the water twice daily),  and then cooked them in one big batch.  What I didn’t use in this dish, I froze for future use.

Makes life easier…..



For 4

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Brotchán Roy and Traditional Irish Soda Bread.

Two old and traditional recipes rooted deep in Irish History. My simple offerings on St Patrick’s Day.

Both of these recipes have few ingredients.  I’m always in love with the simple recipes.  The ones based on local produce, local climate and the time of year.  The ones without fuss or fiddle. Leeks overwinter even in frost and snow.  And now, at the very end of winter in the northern hemisphere, there they are when there’s not much else left.


My father was born on St. Patrick’s Day.  I didn’t really expect a food blog to get personal, but today it has.  Despite the fact that it was his last name, he was always known as Pat.

He had a little bit of Irish in him too, so I guess that means that I do too!  I miss him.

Food for peace on St. Patrick’s Day…. hope you like … 😉


Brotchán Roy + Soda Bread

Brotchán Roy + Traditional Irish Soda Bread

For 4


Irish Soda Bread

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

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