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Olive and Asparagus Pizza with Spelt Flour Pizza Base. Vegan.

The other day I bought a big jar of pitted black olives in brine very cheaply.  Greek olives.

I fancied pizza, and I thought it would be nice to chop the olives finely and spread on the dough base before adding other toppings.  It worked really well.  I will do it again. Personally, I don’t like an overloaded pizza.  This makes a pizza roughly 45cms. x25cms.

I used spelt flour as it is lower in gluten (but not gluten-free) and has a good flavour.  Spelt is my go-to flour of choice for bread as well.  Use whatever flour you prefer…

…or ready-made  pizza bases for convenience…


vegan pizza tray bake

Here’s what I did.


for 4

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